Park Chorong do Plastic Surgery

Park Cho-rong, better known by her stage name Chorong, is a South Korean idol singer, lyricist and actress. She is the leader of South Korean girl group A Pink, under A Cube Entertainment which is a sub-label of Cube Entertainment. Wikipedia
Born: March 3, 1991 (age 23), Bugang-ri
Record label: Cube Entertainment
Music group: A Pink (Since 2011)

Did Chorong do something to her face?  Plastic Surgery
Yes, some people do plastic surgery, but is it even worth it to bring it up? Like what does it help to point out that, oh they look different they probably did plastic surgery. They are in an industry with a beauty standard, if they did then they did and if they didn't then they didn' doesn't matter either way. 

I was on the fence about whether Park Chorong of Apink had gone under the knife until I saw this pre-debut video of her auditioning for JYP. Although she is young here, the difference in her nose and eyes is apparent. Her eyes are definitely larger now than they were back then, although it seems to me that she’s always had some kind of natural double eyelid. Her nose is also more refined, suggesting she had a little bit of work done there as well.

I read a rumor that she had her jaw shaved but I think this is unfounded.

All in all, the work she had seems to have been minor and very well done. The veneers she has on her teeth are almost more obvious than her plastic surgery.



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